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A quick and easy way via which you can feedback on your recent customer service experience and get rewarded or even trigger a charitable donation

As a registered customer feeding back you will have an account as we need to have an audit trail in place to verify who the reward voucher is for as it will be redeemable and cross checked at the redeeming establishment. In instances where a charitable donation is applicable we again need to have an audit trail to validate the actual charity donations. The optional non registration quick feedback route (coming soon) does not provide you with any reward but will still enable you to pass back your comments on the outlet you visited.

If you are an analyst you can now login above and be taken to your benchmarking, graphical and statistical results of your customers responses.


In today's economic climate customer service is of paramount importance. The more knowledge an organisation receives from its customers the more professional its service becomes. HowAreWe.com provides Aramark with instant factual results on specific criteria as experienced by you its customers resulting in better improved service for you. 

"Putting your finger on the pulse"


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